Group Hopes to Revive Trolley. (Feb. 11, 2005) WOWK-TV reports our proposal would bring back streetcars in Huntington, with a line from Marshall's campus to downtown. A piece of Huntington's past could roll back into town, if a non-profit group has its way. "People like the nostalgia of the trolley," said the association's Sam St. Clair. "Make your town a Disney World, why not?" Click here to read the complete report.

Engineers Visit City to Develop Feasibility Plan for Proposed 4th Avenue Trolley System. (Feb. 11, 2005) Tony Rutherford, a columnist for, covered our Feb. 10 meeting with engineers from Burgess & Niple of Columbus, Ohio in which we discussed ways that a short light rail system could benefit the downtown, Pullman Square and Marshall University. Click here to read the complete report.

Vintage trolley system proposed for downtown. Line would operate on 4th Avenue between Hal Greer and 8th Street. (Dec. 30, 2004) Our proposal is featured in a story in Huntington's Herald-Dispatch. "We’re not a bunch of out-of-town experts," Sam. St. Clair told reporter Bryan Chambers. "We’re just trolley people who want to see this idea become a reality." Click here to read the complete report.



Streetcars may roll into Dayton, Ohio. (Jan 21, 2005) Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission officials are touting a plan for a $60 million streetcar system. The plan, drafted by Gem Public Sector Services, an affiliate of Dayton-based Gem Real Estate Group Inc., calls for a 16-mile system of three interconnected routes that could be built in a seven-year period. Robinette said the annual operating cost would be approximately $1.8 million. Click here to read the complete report.




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