By Tony Rutherford
HNN Columnist

Friday, Nov. 19, 2004 -- Describing himself and partner William Dargusch, as just a couple of guys from out of town, who were befriended by the private and pubic figures in Huntington, Tim Rollins told a small audience in a drenching downpour, "nothing's going to rain on our parade today!"

Rollins, who with Dargusch formed Metropolitan Partners after Steiner + Associates pulled out due to the size of the market, last night strolled through the development. After the movie preview party, the Harvard Business School graduate and former chief executive officer of Steiner + Associates sat on a bench near the escalator. "As developers we like to step back and observe our projects as our first guests show up and see what they're reaction is.they were smiling and happy, looking around at the development and viewing the skyline across the street. There's no greater satisfaction [to a developer] than seeing that outcome to your work."

Rollins continued, "We hope that Pullman Square will reshape downtown so it will always be the center of attention for your region."

Later, he told HuntingtonNews.Net that some of the rest of the businesses will be open between December and mid-January 2005, including Empire Books, Starbucks, the ice cream store, the Funny Bone and two sit-down restaurants. "After the first of the year, hopefully, we will start construction of the one last building [on the corner of Tenth Street, where Chi Chi's used to be] that will finish out Pullman Square."

Rollins embraced a proposal to operate an authentic trolley on Fourth Avenue.

"One of my former partners developed a trolley in Tampa that extended a street car line from downtown through one of our developments. I thought that was a clever idea. It added so much character to the neighborhood. If they're looking at doing one of these in Huntington, I think it would be wonderful."

Although much of Pullman's construction has been completed, Rollins still has a full plate with leasing, two developments in Columbus, and a project in Wheeling, WV.

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